Meet Sara

This is my sweet little family.  Yes, we are Aggies, I'm class of '06 and my husband, '05.  We recently moved from Fort Worth, Texas to Londonderry, New Hampshire in November 2014 for my husband's job.  We are truly enjoying the new location and new environment and seeing what it has to offer.

Meet my babies.  My son, Rich and my girl, Bella are my world.  God has blessed me with an amazing husband that lets me stay home every day to watch and teach my sweet children. 

I just got my AFAA Personal Trainer's certification in May and am a certified Spinning instructor.  Right now I'm not teaching class because I am getting my Master's in Nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian.  Fitness and healthy living are two of my passions that I focus on.

I love my hubs so very much.  He is my rock.

I have two dogs, my lab, Lola, and a min pin named Cody.  They are noisy, fun, and loving additions to our lives.  Lola is quite the avid runner, she starts hooping and hollering when she sees me putting on my running shoes.

Cody however is our grumpy old man.

Feel free to contact me by leaving comments, emailing at, or following me. 

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