Nutrition Notes: Get your Fiber on!

I am almost done with my first year of grad school to get my Masters in Dietetics.  One goal I have with this blog is to bring honest and easy to understand knowledge on how you can make little changes in your own life to be healthier.

All these fad diets and crazy "shakes" that are out there just frustrate me.  Just eat clean whole foods. Aim for organic but be reasonable.  Think variety and moderation.  Too much of anything is no bueno.

Today we are gonna talk FIBER!

  • Fiber makes us poop out more bile so our liver says "Oh I need to make more bile!"  So our liver opens all the doors and windows to encourage LDL cholesterol to come on in for the bile making party.  Result: less LDL cholesterol floating around in our blood starting fights (Think...Heart health!)
  • Happy & Healthy gut cells:  Most fiber is our GI's good bacteria's fav food however, us Humans don't have the enzymes (proteins that perform!) to break it's crazy beta bonds (chemistry sheemistry).  So by eating fiber that good bacteria gets it's grub on and STRONG GOOD bacteria is able to out box all those harmful BAD bacteria = we get sick less and our cells in our intestines get to enjoy the fruits of those good bacteria's labor 

  • Helps keep you fuller for longer (i.e. you eat less because you are full for longer) Hello weight management assistance!

Aim for 25 - 30 g of fiber per day

1/4 cup dry roasted, no salt added almonds = 3.8 g
1/2 cup baked sweet potato = 3.3 g
1/4 cup boiled lentils = 3.9 g
1/2 cup boiled navy beans = 9.6 g
1/2 cup black beans = 7.5 g
1 medium apple = 4.4 g
1/2 cup avocado = 7.8 g
1 cup Raisin bran = 8 g
1 orange = 3.1 g
1 banana = 3.1 g


  • fresh fruit
  • oats
  • legumes & beans
  • brown rice
  • whole grains
  • raw vegetables
  • bran
  • seeds


  • Start low: if you don't eat a lot of fiber that SLOWLY increase it in your diet
  • Drink lots of H20:  As if drinking water wasn't already important but with an increase in fiber in your diet you will need the water to help everything to keep moving.  No one likes to be constipated...
  • Too much fiber can decrease absorption of necessary minerals and vitamins so think MODERATION
  • If you have any GI issues, please consult your MD about increasing your fiber intake.  Some diseases and conditions have to be considered with fiber intake.  Fiber's great for Diabetes management but may not be the best for colonic issues.


DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Registered Dietitian(RD).  I am a first year Dietetics student studying to be a RD.  I am a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and have years of experience in fitness and health.  However, unlike all these quacks out there claiming to be a "Nutritionist" or "Wellness Coach", I am not going to claim that (although I could!).  I am simply providing information that I have learned and feel can help others.

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