Call me silly but..

Justin Bieber might have actually, finally, gotten on my "ok, I'll try to give your music a chance".  Poor kid, is a kid, a spoiled kid but he's still very young.  Despite all his antics, his appearance on Jimmy Fallon was slightly genuine.  Makes you start to wonder how genuine someone can be at that level of celebrity.

Ok, okay I hear you.  He's a stupid kid trying to act sorry.  But then he did this funny country version of his song AND he drummed.  The country version was just plain funny, I was cracking up.  And I was actually impressed he had a genuine talent for something, like drumming, that is really actually hard to do well.

So, I'm like "Ok, fine, I'll give his live performance and listen, I guess, because there's nothing else on and preseason football is annoying."  And it was decent.  The rap intervention was sweet.  I mean, I'm not putting it on my spotify "What I'm loving in 2015" list but I would jam to it if it came on the radio.

"What do you mean? What do you mean?" sure, who hasn't asked that question in some point in their life?

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