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Well.  Let's start this adventure with a "We've travelled with Southwest SOOO many times and they've always been amazing and we get two free bags which is awesome when you have kids" however, our trip last week to Texas from New Hampshire was AWFUL!

So myself, my hubs, son, daughter, dog and all our luggage shows up at the Manchester, NH airport for our 5:15pm flight around 3:30pm, you know the good ole 2 hour window right?  So we find out after standing in a huge line (there's never lines at MHT!) that our flight from Manchester to Baltimore is delayed.  And it's delayed to the point we've already missed our connection in Baltimore if we wait for the flight.  They said there was a storm that couldn't be flown around.  So...we decide to get creative and fly out of Boston at 5:30am in the next morning because all the flights out of MHT were booked until Saturday (yeah, it was Thursday!).

So here we go reloading ALL our luggage and kids and dog and heading to the bus station.  LUCKILY the bus driver allowed us to take the dog.

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By the time we got everyone settled and our nerves calmed with the whole change up to Mass, yeah when you think you'll be in your destination and in fact you are only an hour from hour it takes some settling of nerves for travel, we had set our alarms to wake us for our early flight looking to only get 3 hours and 20 minutes of sleep.  Hello 11pm night night time!

The hubs and myself rallied like college kids and unearthed around 2:30am to get the ball rolling.  By 3:10am we had the whole gang on a shuttle bus heading to the Boston Logan airport.  After a crazy bumpy ride through a deserted downtown Boston, we unload at the Boston Logan airport and proceeded to stand in line for the 4am opening of their security line.  Yes, some airports literally close at night and I was cracking up at my less than 3 hours of sleep self trying to entertain a 3 and 5 year old in line at pre4am doing yoga poses.

Once we finally got through security, we see our gate "633" in all it's glory and it says "Indianapolis" wtf, we were supposed to be going to Houston Hobby and then onto OKC!!!  So I proceed to entertain our littles with a playground in the airport at 4 something am.
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Everything was rainbows and smiles until we got to Indianapolis and everyone got off the plane.  According to Southwest reps we were told that Indy was merely a connection and that we would just stay on the plane and hop on down to Houston. Not so!  Instead we were told that due to necessary restrictions on mandatory amounts of pilot rest, which we understand, that we would not be leaving Indy for 30 min - 3 1/2 hours...yeah, we just missed another connection.

So off the plane we go, luckily the Indy airport was so accommodating and nice that it wasn't THAT bad!  The hubs was told by a Southwest agent that we were being moved to a slightly later flight to OKC and that we'd be in OKC by 7:30pm and we'd catch the connection in Houston.  Sweet, we relaxed because they help us out and decided to eat lunch and wait for our pilots to be rested.

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When our flight gets called, we gather and load onto the plane.  To Houston we go!

We get to Houston, thinking we've learned from our mistakes and head to our next connections counter to make sure everything is correct before we are going to eat Mexican food in at Pappasitos in the Houston Hobby airport.  Yeah, this is where our exhaustion from only 3 hours of sleep and insane travel issues overloaded us!

I could literally feel the discomfort when the nice guy at the counter has to tell us that the guy in Indy never actually put us on the the flight to OKC!!!  So we only had the choice of a 9:45pm flight to OKC because all the flights to Dallas and OKC were booked until then!  My hubs was fuming, I just wanted to go home, the kids were just wondering where the playground was, and our dog was officially shaking from being held in a carrier for so long.

The guy at the counter put us on the later flight to OKC but we headed downstairs.  Downstairs to let the dog pee, downstairs to get our STUFF, downstairs to rent a car to drive the 7 hours drive to Wichita Falls!  Yeah, thanks Southwest for being so awesome that we have to drive 7 hours with 2 kids and a dog after 3 hours of sleep.  Thanks.
My hubs literally looked at me and said,"I can't sit here and wait for a flight that might not happen when I know I can drive there and be there by the time this flight is supposed to take off".  I had no fight left and we proceeded to drive the drive that I hate to drive the most!

We finally got to Wichita Falls around 9:30pm Friday evening and after 30 hours of traveling we were exhausted.  Everyone asked us "what did Southwest do for your issues?" and literally the only answer we can come up with is "There people were nice, but they didn't offer to help us in any way nor did they offer any compensation to us as local customers."  So Southwest, it's good to have nice people to deal with (us, yeah, we literally watched another customer proceed to chew out one of your employees), but if you don't offer to help cover the costs we have to bear due to YOUR issues then there is an issue.

Overall, travel can be very tolling.  Hopefully you are dealing with an airline that cares about it's customers.

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  1. So glad your flight back home was uneventful…. So glad we got to spend the week with all of you!!!


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