Portsmouth and Rye Beach

Welcome to adorable Rye Beach.  Late last week we spent a couple days visiting some friends at their beach cottage.  Our 2 littles fell in love with the beach!  I must say the beach towns here in New England remind me of something right out of a movie.  Quiet, quaint, beautifully well kept cottages with the rough, nautical touch gracing the edges.

Our friend's cottage was about 1/4 mile from the beach itself but the walk was through beautiful flowers and their fragrant blooms, a lush waterway full of green blades of marsh grasses, and a fun little burger shack that always had interesting people to see.  Of course I must mention the chickens and geese in people's yards and, of course this Mama Duck and her adorable ducklings.

The kids jumped right into the full understanding of playing in the sand.  The water was a chilly 65 degrees BUT it was only in the 80's on the beach so it was quite nice and warm enough that you didn't have to get in the water.  Some folks got in, like full force were swimming.  Too cold for me.  

Apparently everyone who's anybody these days paddle boards.  I have never seen so many people paddle boarding!  But it makes me want to try it!

That evening we went to The River House in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It was super close to our hotel but was a big 10 minutes away from our friend's cottage in Rye.  Yes, that is me being sarcastic.  New Hampshire is quite quaint and traffic is only an issue on highways but most of the roads in New Hampshire are rural, tree lined, two lane roads so it's usually an easy and scenic ride wherever you are going. 

Portsmouth, NH is such a cute town.  It's like a trendy, fun, tasty, low key place to tour around, shop, eat, and just relax.  Unfortunately we only got to drive through and eat since we had our kiddos with us BUT we are already planning a trip to simply experience Portsmouth because we were so taken with the ambiance of the town.

It was the perfect night to sit on the patio and gaze at the sunset against the water and the bridge into Maine.  It's pretty neat to look across the water and think "That's a different state!"

Yes, this is #nofilter of the bridge.  It was just gorgeous.  And the food was just as yummy.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the lobster artichoke dip but, OMG, you must get this.  It was so good that between the 4 of us adults it was gone before I could get my phone out to take a picture. 

For my entire I got the Tall Ships plate that comes with a lobster roll and bowl of award winning seafood chowder.  Seriously, it was so delicious!  The lobster roll had just the right about of sauce to complement the lobster and the seafood chowder, well it was perfect.  

I tried to document the crazy amazing size that the beach changes with the tide low vs high.  I don't ever remember seeing the tide change this much over the course of the day.

I couldn't go to the beach and not take a toes picture...

Here's the yoga pic I shared on instagram the other day.  No lie, I felt kinda silly doing yoga poses on the beach with all these people around watching my hubs take pictures of me but hey, it's whatever right? lol

My sweet girl dug a hole and stuck her cute little butt in it.  I was so happy that they had so much fun and actually enjoyed the beach for exactly what the beach is supposed to enjoy for...fun!

We had the most amazing hosts and friends welcome us into their home and to spend time with.  We are so lucky to have made such amazing friends so quickly in our new state.  

Happy Birthday Amy!  We are so happy to have celebrated with you!  And for reals, the grilled corn on the cob, buttery halibut, and mozzarella/tomato/basil salad was dabomb.com!  

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