NH Fisher Cats

I have never, ever heard of a fisher cat.  Until I moved to New Hampshire, suckers are mean.  Those and bears are about the only things I'm worried about when I go running early in the morning!

I went to get my hair done yesterday because my roots were in some serious need of attention!

During!  I ended up getting a balayage on my roots because I loved the way the balayage did my color in May.

I LOVED how it turned out!  She used this awesome texturing spray that kept my stringy hair springy for hours!

I was super pumped to actually have my hair done and then get to go somewhere.  Off we went to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball game!

Rich and Chad went down on the field with Rich's baseball league to welcome the players on the field.  Bella and I watched...and took pictures of course.  Little girl has to get some fancy posing on!

Rich was really nervous about being on the field.  He was so cute when he came back up to tell me how he conquered his nerves!

I was so impressed with the ease of traffic, parking, and crowds.  The weather was awesome and the game (what we did actually get to watch) was pretty good!

Oh yes, at some point I was chilling in the my kids stroller so I could sit and watch the game while they played on the bounce houses.  Hey, as long as my butt fits I must not be too heavy right?  lol

On the way home I attempted to capture the beautiful blood moon!  Seriously, no pic can capture the amazingness of it!

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