20 minute Abs

Since I quit teaching classes, I've noticed I've been having a hard time following my goal of a workout schedule of running 2 days, 1 strength workout, and 1 yoga workout per week.  So I've come up with a new strategy of keeping with the running schedule but incorporating 2-3 quick muscle concentrated workouts throughout the week.

I was super pumped to have my hubs say he wants to do it with me.  So for our first go at it was Monday evening doing an abs focused workout I designed to be quick and tough.  We didn't get to do it until around 6:30pm and had just ate our dinner but we did it!

 photo 20minabs_zpsv1ybbyjl.png

Our kiddos hung out with us and watched a show on Netflix while we did the workout in the basement but by the time we were done they were definitely ready for bed.  Well, sometime you have to just focus and be quick.  Something is better than nothing.

If 1 min is too much, go for 30 seconds and you will still be working it!

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