Music Monday: Hot Summer Tunes

Hey, I'm making an attempt at coming back in the blogosphere...again.

Does anyone else in the world love tomatoes picked right out of your garden with a touch of salt?  Seriously I have memories of my dad picking tomatoes and eating them next to our garden and that is when I discovered my love of homegrown tomatoes.  There's just nothing like em!

My neighbors were cracking up at the tomato I had covering my face and running down my arm because I was mauling a tomato.  I have only gotten three so far but all three are huge and so good!

This is our first cucumber this year.  Well it's my first cucumber that I've personally grown in my own garden.  Unfortunately, it was about half way grown when I found it and it was twisting around my lattice work that the plant is climbing.  Even though I freed it, it still grew into a full fledged rounded cucumber.

What is your summer jam?

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