Fun-tivities with fish

I started my day with a 5:30am for a 7 mile run.  I love this run because there's hills but the hills aren't killer.  At my halfway point I get a 3/4 mile trail run crossing ponds, trekking across a pallet board bridge through the marsh, and working on my agility by quick footing the pine needles, overgrown roots, and "it just rained yesterday" muddy spots, just make my day.  Really, I wish the trail was longer.  Maybe a little part of my mind starts going all Hunger Games mind frame to navigate the terrain but I just love it!

My yoga pose for today was a tiger pose next to Adams Pond.  Great stretch, not so great on a wooden bench though.

Today was an errand day at our house but I decided to do something a little special.  They've been wanting more fish for our pond so I decided to bite the bullet and we went on a search for fish.  We ended up out in Chester, New Hampshire and of course had to stop for ice cream.

So very yummy!  Then it was off to the water garden farm.  Chester Hollow was simply a fish farm with beautiful ponds of koi throughout.  Though rough on the edges, the lady was so super sweet to myself and the kids letting us just roam around and then pick out our own.

 They didn't want to stop because they didn't want to stop seeing where the different paths led.

Then we found these guys!  Peacocks!  I think they are just so pretty and unique.  Though I have memories of a mighty mean one in our neighborhood in Florida that just lived free, I still love to look at them in person.  I was hoping he would show his feathers for the kids to see but no go.

Then we got to pick out our own.  They had koi and goldfish but the koi ranged in size from about 3-4 inches all the way to 1 ft plus.  The littles thought picking out fish was awesome.  The lady fishing them out and I were cracking up listening to the kids naming fish and trying to tell us which one they wanted.  Apparently they didn't realize saying "that one!" and pointing to 10 fish swimming around was slightly undescriptive to finding unique qualities of that particular fish that they actually wanted.

Have you ever had a small pond with fish?

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