Ways to relieve Mom Guilt

After my post on Mom Guilt, I thought I needed to share some ideas that I use to help me cope with it.  If I start to feel it coming around, I remind myself of these things that I have done with my kids over the past week or just yesterday!
  • Write down ideas of things you can do with them!  Pinterest has so many ideas but honestly, some of the best ideas are the easiest.  Go for a walk, color together, watch a movie together, bake or cook something, read a book.  Write down your own ideas that work for your family so you always have ideas handy that don't take a lot of prep work like a lot of those pinterest projects.
  • Keep their artwork or photos around you to "keep them close" when they aren't necessarily present.  Bonus, the kids LOVE to see their artwork proudly displayed! **brownie points**

  • Make it a point to do things one on one.  Sometimes you need to separate the littles and do an activities with just one.  They love the special time and it helps them know that they matter and you make time for them.  While my hubs took our son to the driving range, I took Bella for froyo.
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  • Have a treat for them when you pick them up.  I always have some sort of treat, yes even a candy when I pick them up.  They get so excited to see what waiting for them in their carseat!  I love those "Mom, you thought about me" smiles!
  • Think of ways to have them "help" you with your to do lists tasks.  For example, when you fold clothes, make a pile of socks and have them match them with you!  At the grocery store, tell them a few things you need and have them look for the items.
  • Have planned outings just for them that you do regularly.  We go to the library every Monday when I pick them up from school.  They love picking our their movie to watch for the week on their DVD headrest in the car, playing with the toys and puzzles, and picking out the books we will read at bedtime.  Every night we read books before bed.  We have even added a movie night every weekend where we take early bathes and watch a movie as a family.
How do you combat Mom Guilt?

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