How to stay healthy at your home away from home!

I always seem to fall off the healthy bandwagon when we aren't at home.  Now that we live half a country away from our friends and family, when we visit our home it's usually a week-long thing.  We enjoy our Texas favorite meals(hello, Tex-Mex) and our home-cooked soul food(can you say, Chicken fried steak?).  Unfortunately, within a day my tummy is usually super bloated and upset from all the added fats.  Since I'm diving headfirst into my Nutrition studies I thought I'd work a bit harder this time on keeping up my healthy habits.

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  • Buy healthy snacks:  I made a special trip to the grocery store once we got here to pick up some of our usual staples.  Fruit, veggies, hummus, and yogurt.  This way when one of my littles or myself get hungry between meals, we have healthy alternatives to cookies, crackers, or junky snack foods.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine & pay attention to portion sizes:  We have been craving enchiladas and all that good Texas food that we can't get up in New Hampshire.  If you don't allow yourself to enjoy, you aren't living life and you'll end up disappointed with not partaking.  Eat what is available, just cut down the portion sizes so you don't feel shortchanged and unsatisfied.
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  • Drink lots of water:  I like to get a huge bottle of water when we get to the airport to go on our journey.  Throughout our trip, I'll keep the bottle refilled and on hand.  One, you don't have to worry about it getting mixed up with other peoples cups.  Two, you can easily carry it with you everywhere to keep you hydrated and help you not overindulge on food mistaking the thirst cues.
  • Take advantage & workout:  I leave running shoes at my in-laws just so I can easily throw them on and take off down the driveway to run on the local roads.  Usually I'm not a huge fan of running on roads but there are dirt roads and large shoulders so I feel more comfortable running by myself.  Since I have plenty of babysitters handy I don't have to worry about loading the kids up in a jogging stroller and I can enjoy some peaceful miles solo.

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