New York Must See's

So I'm in the midst of planning a trip to meet one of Texas friends in New York City.  I've been to New York City once before and I like to see I saw quite a bit and we definitely checked off a list of must dos.  So now I find myself planning for someone else's first visit and am loving it!

NYC is one of the most amazing places to visit.  Personally I'm a warm-spot vacation person, I like to go tropical when we vacation.  NYC is not that!  But NYC has so many "you'll only see this here" sort of things!  I love to visit places like that!

So for my 2nd time around, I'm definitely showcasing my favs especially so my friends can enjoy!

  • Statue of Liberty: this one doesn't need a reason why, it is the reason why.  To see the Statue of Liberty!!! You are on a ferry to visit Ellis Island (a love for history buffs like me!), ride around the Statue of Liberty, and see NYC from the Hudson.  It's beautiful and iconic.
  • Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center "Top of the Rock": I chose to go to the Top of the Rock so I could see NYC from the tall Empire State level BUT I got to look at the Empire State instead of being IN it.  I thought it was amazing, as I viewed from the floor-inner wall of the terrace because I'm petrified of heights.  However, as scared of heights I am, I knew that the view is something I would carry in my memory as beautiful.  You have to see NYC from the top of one of this places!
  • National September 11st Memorial: Last time I was in NYC, the memorial was still being built.  But I walked around the vicinity that was the Twin Towers.  It's heart-wretching and yet so patriotic just to see the neighborhood.  So seeing the Memorial almost finished definitely makes me want to go see it completed.  You have to book this one far in advance so when you start planning your trip book tickets here
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and eat pizza at Grimaldi's: You will most likely see Wall Street and all that jazz in Manhattan to get on the bridge.  Then it looks really long.  But it is amazing.  You get a whole new view of the city and you feel the wood beneath your feet and you are walking over a piece of history!  When you get to the other side, you'll be hungry.  Get pizza at Grimaldi's and you won't regret it.  The pizza, the atmosphere, it is so Brooklyn!

  • Go to Times Square:  This photo ain't got nuthin' on Times Square.  IRL it's like huge, with tons of lights, people going everywhere, and the perfection of calm chaos?  It's so cool!  Just walk around, make funny faces in the Forever 21 ginormous camera of people in front of the store, say hello to a random Mickey Mouse or Elmo that is a person in a costume, and (I know this is silly but...) look for famous people!

  • Penn Station:  This place is beautiful AND useful!  You get to see the New York Library that right across the street.  It's amazing to imagine the history that goes into it.
  • Central Park:  it's seriously this huge park, in the middle of a sea of buildings!!!!  It's a world of its's own.  So unique.  And you can literally walk through it and remember where so many rom-com's take place!  There are so many amazing museums around the park...the Met, Museum of Science, etc but we didn't have time to visit any last go round.
  • Frozen Hot Chocolate (and LUNCH) at Serendipity 3:  I feel bad, but...I've never seen this Serendipity movie but I was told for my first visit that I had to go to this restaurant.  And I am so glad that we did!  The Frozen Hot Chocolate was super yummy and the lunch we got was so good!
  • See a Broadway show:  we went to see Chicago on our last visit.  It was fun and we enjoyed it.  Others on my want-to-see list: Wicked (in the plans!!!), The Lion King,  West Side Story...
  • Go to the Today show or Good Morning America:  we went to the Today Show and had a sign. It was cool.  Get there early and maybe get a cup of free cappuccino.  The whole process is pretty neat to be apart of.
  • Be in the Saturday Night Live audience:  I want to do this SO BAD!  We even got up before dawn and took a cab to the studio to wait in line for day-of tickets only to find out that it was not filming that month!  We love SNL and I definitely have this on my want-to-do-one-day list!
  • Walk around China Town:  it's neat.  There's so many things to see, shops to visit, and just be apart of.  Try to get to Little Italy too, it's not quite as extreme as ChinaTown but it's interesting.
  • If you know anyone that lives there, ask them to pick a place and meet them for dinner!  The locals know the places to eat and visit.  The holes in the wall are what makes NYC so hugely small.
  • Take the subway, somewhere.  It's so unique and quite convenient!  No parking!  And it's quite amazing so see tunnels under huge buildings.

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