Friday Favs 3.27.2015

This week quite an odd week.  Lots of rain and the hubs out of town so this Mama was slightly overcast!  A few bright points this week:

Going to see Cinderella with my littles.  One of my best friends suggested I got see it.  Any all my friends know that I'm not a movie person, mostly, I only like GOOD movies and I'm quite a tough critic.  This one, was cute.  I loved that it followed the plotline of Cinderella as we commonly know it.  But I feel like I learned a lot about the story!  Sure I had to miss a few scenes because littles always have to potty during movies.  But on the whole, I would totally suggest this to all kids as young as 3-4 years old as long as they are interested is fairy tale stories.

The actors and actresses were well chosen and I enjoyed watching it, as an adult.

I freed myself from the overcoming roll top desk that I had become buried under and lighted up my office with a stained piece of wood and the legs from my Grandma's sewing table.  I have sewing machine but I had so many pieces of furniture in this room that it was overwhelming.  I spray painted the legs with Champagne Mist and stained a $20 piece of wood from Home Depot and simply screwed them together.  It's not the sturdiest thing but once the hubs gets home, he can perfect it! 

I love the big space it leaves not only on the desk top but just around.  A room can open up so much with such a simple remover of furniture!  I did love the charm of the roll top but I felt it only welcomed clutter with all it's drawers and shelves.  With my one desk top I have only to do's and must have's on the surface.  Everything else stays put away in it's place.
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Painting Easter eggs!  OMG, the OCD person inside me was about to explode with all the little fingers with paint.  Thankfully, my new friend, N, was super calm and is a very attentive mom so I didn't have to worry about her littles getting paint everywhere.  The kids were so cute and very intent and slightly clueless.  They wanted to paint and to see the different artists was neat.

But when one was done, they all were.  I think they only ended up painting maybe 2-3 each before interest was lost.  But we found another way to entertain them, thanks to little N, my friends little girl.

Musical chairs and pyramids.

Hey when you have two 5 year olds and two 3 year olds and you have too much snow or mud outside, you have fun how you can!  Musical chairs was a hoot, there was so many tears over not getting a chair but there was just as many friendly "How about you can have my chair this time" that the game was a good time for all.  I honestly think all the kids ended up winning once and often out of the thoughtful sacrifice of one of the others without mother intervention.  I loved seeing the sweet kids be sweet to one another.

Myself and my kids had so much fun and I am just so happy to meet other parents like me.  Moving can be very lonely and making friends is a good step!

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