Cranmore and the White Mountains

Last weekend, my hubs and I took the littles up to the White Mountains.  The drive up was just beautiful.  It took about 2 1/2 hours from Londonderry but it was scenic most of the way.

We stayed in a little inn in North Conway, NH.  It was quite a charming, typical ski town with lots of unique inns, restaurants, and shopping.  Personally I'm not a big shopper so we didn't frequent any of the shops but driving through "downtown" was informative enough!  

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Cranmore Mountain.

When we were planning the trip we were going back and forth between Cranmore and Loon Mountain since we wanted to stop by the Ice Castles while we were up there.   We finally decided on Cranmore because they have lots of little greens and a short chair lift to them.  This was my 5 year olds first time on a chair lift and on "real" slopes so we wanted some short, easier slopes for him to get the practice.

It was the perfect choice.  We made an attempt to take him to the bunny hills (they have 2 plus a snowboarding bunny slope).  But R wanted no part of it, he wanted to go down the real slopes.

Selfie with R after his first ride down the mountain.  No lie, I was a nervous wreck but with myself in front and my hubs (who's a really good skier) behind him, I knew that my little R was ok.  He actually is really good!

Little B went to the daycare they have at the resort.  I think next year we'll put her in lessons/day care "school" they have.  She was old enough this year but homegirl isn't very coordinated so we thought she would do fine waiting a year to learn to ski.  I was super impressed with the options Cranmore had available for kids.

We picked her up for lunch and grabbed a spot in the Tavern.  She was enthralled with the "band".  Overtime they would begin to play she would get up and dance.  So we were fixing to leave we walked over and took a picture.  It was so cute how excited the guys got with there little fan.  I guess we were a bit of trendsetters because they had a line of peeps wanting photos by the time we were done taking ours!

After lunch we dropped little B off at daycare and I headed to the top of the mountain to check out a long green they have from the very top of the mountain.  R said he wanted to try it but I wanted to do it myself to check it was safe for him and his skill level.

The view was breathtaking and I couldn't take a photo that would do it justice.  My hubs and I told R to the top and he road the trail like a champ.  I was so impressed with his skills!  

That evening we were all SOOO hungry.  Everywhere in town was packed but we decided to try Flatbread Company.  We are so glad we did.  It was so good!!!

They told us it would be about an hour wait but we figured we'd get a few beers and they had a kids play room to entertain the littles.

Their pizzas were handmade and cooked in a pizza oven.  We had the pleasure of sitting right in front of the oven and it was so neat watching the oven guy work.  Seriously, he had skills and it was so fantastically warm!

Sunday morning we stopped by an overlook to take a picture before we left North Conway to go to Lincoln.  Once again, the photo didn't do it justice.  The views were gorgeous!  

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  1. So glad ya'll got to go and spend Family time together. I have no doubt next year B will love skiing. Can't wait till Easter to see my Grandbabies!!!


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