Yoga in Bed

I am kinda immersed in yoga this month.  Well, that and spin considering I'm going to be in Spin certifications all weekend!  Well, I was approached(not compensated) by Casper Mattresses to talk about some ways to workout (hey, get your mind outta the gutter!) in bed!  Yoga is the most versatile and comforting workout you can do.  Anywhere.  Need some ideas?  Here ya go, now keep in mind we have a waterbed, it's modern, like in a mattress so it's not a very stable surface.  Some of these might be easier when on a regular mattress.

Though I look like I'm dead...corpse be fittin'.  Corpse but with a pillow!  The ultimate surrender and relaxation.  Ready to go to sleep?  

Let's work out some kinks with an upside down pigeon.  Simple, just lay on your back and hug a leg. Ah, feel that hip open!

Though my fluffy down comforter may not allow view, this is extended puppy pose.  Think child meets hero pose, open up the knees and lay down face first and just RELAX!

Here is your actual pigeon fold.  OMG, seriously my favorite for hips that just can't release.

We have to give the back some opposition with a push.  Here's your cobra but if that's too strenuous on your back simply set those elbows down and enjoy your Sphinx.

I have to share an extended child's pose.  Sometimes we just need to get in the fetal position and lay our head down.  

My last pose is a bit on the harder side.  Camel.  On your bed your may need to widen your knee stance for stability purposes, aka, so you don't fall over.  You may only be able to reach one hand to heel at a time but for me, opening up, reaching both hands back, and allowing my head to fall back (yes, my mouth usually falls too because I'm relaxing).  This is a great opposition to childs and though a bit more strenuous, it's great for the thighs, chest, and abs.

What kind of yoga poses would you try to relax or wake up too?

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