Take the Leap#30

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I do.  It's so relaxing and I am soon much more limber than I have ever been.  And getting to wear yoga pants all the time makes it even better! lol

I'm super excited to #taketheleap with this 30 days of Yoga with Prana and Sweat Pink.  The campaign begins Feb. 2.  Every day I will be participating my sharing a yoga pose with you!  I'm going to try to make the poses in different places and give a wide array of poses.  Participation provides eligibility for a chance to win $500 worth of Prana workout gear!

Think you might want to participate?  Here's how:

  • Join the Facebook group
  • Check out the event page
  • Use the hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, or on your blog:  
    • #taketheleap
    • #prana
    • #sweatpink
  • Tag:
    • @FitApproach
    • @prana

Take your novice, mid level, or even expert knowledge of yoga to the next level and join me in this month long journey.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram @aggie06sara and I'll come follow you to see what kind of moves you're are making.

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