Snow, snow, and mo' snow

Helloooo everyone out there in the world of "there's not 4 feet of snow in my backyard"!!!  Well, as a Texan spending my first winter in New England I thought I share what life looks like in February in New England.

So, here's my backyard, our new hottub we got for our anniversary last month.  My hubs and I like to forgo getting one another a gift and instead get something together, a trip, a hot tub, etc.  This is after much shoveling and snow blowing to clear out some snow around the house and make a pathway to the gate.

I actually love our view outside into our backyard.  We have a cute little fenced in area and a large clearing behind it with trees all around.  It's so fantastically private but not lonely because you can just barely see the neighbors home.  At night you can see the stars from the hot tub and we like to play games about where the airplanes are going in the sky because seriously only Maine and Canada are north of us!

This is a view outside our living room window.  The driveway is snow blown by my sweet hubs.  Ok, if you've never snow blown.   Don't.  It's freaking hard.  When I mow I'm seriously horizontal because I don't have enough body weight to push uphills, well, snow blowing is so much harder ESPECIALLY uphill and our driveway is STEEP!

We call our driveway our "Tunnel".  It's actually kinda entertaining to watch anyone other that ourselves go up it because if you have 2 wheel drive or drive a big truck, well good luck getting up it!

Every seen icicles?  Like this?  Well, they are everywhere!

Hello, huge mammoth icicle from roof!

Seriously my town hall has stalactites and stalagmites that have joined...What are those called again?

Here's snowbank on a lil two lane road.  Yeah, they are as tall as a car or SUV.

This is a major road, yes it's 2 lane but the snow banks are easily 5-6 feet tall.

Can you imagine THIS being your driveway?  Hello, 8 foot snowbank alley!

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