Skiing at Pat's Peak

Last Friday night my hubs and myself spontaneously decided to go skiing on Saturday.  We have been itching to go since there are so many resorts around our new home in New Hampshire.  After putting the kids to bed, we anxiously ran around the house gathering ski clothes and making PB&Js for an easy lunch break for the slopes.

We decided on Pat's Peak because it's only 45 minutes from the house and it had childcare for our little B.  We literally pulled up to the mountain and B looked at me and said,"Mama, it's too cold.  I don't want to ski.  I want to go play with the kids."  Perfect, there was no fight she happily went into the daycare at the mountain basecamp and was super pumped to play.  Later Mom! 

The hubs, myself, and R headed off to get our rentals.  We have decided just to rent this year because the season is heading to a close and we've heard about the big sales in September.  We are planning on leasing the kids ski's next season to save some $ next year.

We headed straight to the beginner's slope which is conveniently located RIGHT next to basecamp.  There were instructors everywhere and they happily took a photo to document our first skiing outing with this little dude.

The mountain is very beginner friendly (that's me! I'm a wimp and super scared of heights so I like gentle sloping greens that don't make me go too fast)  and has some great more challenging slopes for the more advanced skier (this would be my hubs, he's very good.  Really, we don't even go down slopes together because we have two different styles of skiing!).  

The bunny hill was perfect for my son.  He learned how to get on the carpet lift and he got better with each trip down the slope.

It was really cold that day but with some hand and foot warmers, we were great.  I definitely realized I need something better for my face because this girls nose gets SO cold.  I was pulling up my neck guard over my nose and holding it in place with my goggles!

Little B was excited to sit down with us in the basecamp cafeteria for some PB&J's and french fries and LOTS and LOTS of water.  That's the funny thing I've found with skiing, you don't realize your are thirsty because you are cold and not necessarily sweating.

I tried to get a photo that did justice to the view from the top of the mountain but justice couldn't be done.  It was a beautiful view.  And I have to admit I had a minor panic attack here because it really made me realize how high up I was.  A few deep breaths, I turned on my iPod, and starting skiing down the mountain and I got through it.

By the end of the day and who knows how many trips down the bunny slope, my R was telling myself and his daddy that he could go up and down the slope all by himself.  Of course Daddy stayed close while video'd it.  

All day I was trying to get him to go side to side on the mountain but this boy ski's like his Daddy, straight down the mountain!

I would definitely suggest Pat's Peak.  If you have littles, it's perfect.  Daycare was great and the mountain was amazing!

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