Frozen: Disney on Ice

In December we went to Disney's Worlds of Fantasy on Ice, it was good but a little long.  Last week, we went to Disney on Ice presents Frozen.  It was really good.  I'll admit seeing my littles sweet faces and the squeals of excitement from Little B when she saw Elsa and Minnie Mouse, was worth sitting in a large cold room and watching a show you've seen 50 million times. 

Seriously seeing this little girl all curled up in her daddy's lap to watch the show was pulling at my heart strings and made me so happy.

I actually really like Frozen and the music and still enjoy hearing the music.  It's a great story and I like how it was about the love of siblings.  We had a great time and were thoroughly entertained.

The crowd roared when Olaf came out.  It was really cute!

Elsa's big-ole-castle-protecting snowman was awesome.   It was no doubt an air machine that inflated, it was really cool.

I would for sure give a big thumbs up for this show.  If your kids want to see it, you will actually enjoy it to.

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