My 1st StitchFix

The FedEx guy backs up my amazingly steep driveway and I eagerly greet him with my arms outstretched to get my paws on my 1st StitchFix box!  I was outside busy sledding with my boy and making a snowman with my littles so I had to wait to open it but I was SOO excited that the second I got inside I ran upstairs to open and devour.

Such a pretty box and it came with a relabeled USPS bag for easy return shipment.  Seriously, just put in what you don't want and drop it in a postal mail box.  Return, done!

Every box comes with 5 items.  You can buy all and get an extra 20% all or just buy one, two, three, or four items.  You only pay the $20 styling fee IF you don't buy anything in the box.

It had this wonderful little letter with a small note from the stylist, descriptions and costs of the clothes included, and a style guide.

First thing I opened was this adorable little clutch.  I love the idea of a clutch and even the shape but I wasn't sold on the color and the weave.  Just isn't me.

Then this pretty green and blue blouse.  

I loved the colors of these two blouses.  This maroon one had an amazing neck and zippers on the sleeves.

I loved this draping cardigan.  I've been looking for adding more color to my wardrobe but I love the tight sleeves and long draping front.  The pattern was so cute too!

These pants.  OMG I'm such a mom dork for no button or zippers on my stretchy jeggings!!!  These fit like a glove and though they cost a bit more than I usually spend, I had to get them.  They were actually LONG enough, gasp.  Yeah, long legged sisters you know the excitement that goes along with that!

Below is my attempts to photograph myself in the clothes in my closet.    First, I tried the maroon top because as an Aggie I will seriously buy just about anything in maroon.

I really wanted to like it.  The arms were nice and fitted, the next had a pretty cowl to it, but the fit.  Well, it kinda made me look fat.  And that's a no go for me.

Second, the green and blue top that with the pattern I loved.  Yeah, didn't quite love it on.  The arms were cute, it had a great length, and even accentuated my hiney a bit but I just didn't quite like it.

Then I tried the black and gray cardigan/sweater.  As much as I didn't want a black sweater, I friggen' loved this top.  I loved the length so I can wear my leggings.  I loved the fitted arms.  I loved the pattern and the shape of front drape.  Lets just say I kept this one!

Then came the jeggings.  Um, I sorta fell in love with them.  They were the BEST fit and length.  Ok, don't stare at my guns too hard (I was kinda proud of em personally! hehe)

Look, they are even long enough!!!

To make a long story short, I love this.  I get to go shopping with a personal shopper and in the comfort of my own home.  Awesomeness.  Do it!

Want to try out StitchFix?  Check it out here.  Yes, it's my referral link!

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