I just gotta...

share this.  My REDHEADED sister in law tagged me with this on Facebook.  Within the first minute  I see this

and I start to crack up.  See, my sister in law is a redhead.

and my daughter is a redhead.

So I've definitely experienced my share of, "OMG her hair is RED!"  I literally just laugh, because in all honest, that's exactly what my hubs and I said when she got her sponge bath after she was born.  Well, she had no hair, but her eyebrows!  Wow, there was no mistaking her red eyebrows!

Funny thing is, she acts every bit of what "they" say a redhead acts.  She is as unpredictable as they come.  Tonight at the dinner table she said, "This is delicious."  Ok, she's 3 (as of 1/19) and I've never heard her say that before.  Our dinner guest was quite impressed with her vocabulary, I took all the credit for that! Hehe.

Check out the following link for some hilarious(AND TOTALLY TRUE) comments that Mama's of redheads get.

7 Things You Should Never Say To A Mom Of A Redhead

I've literally had people mistaken my little bit for my sister in law's little bit because of their hair.

Not so great pic of my reddy, but you get the idea!  The redheadedness has been a source of many puns in our family get togethers!  Regardless, I love my reds!

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