Get 'er done

The hubs and I have been busy bee's today!  We've hit the gym, Target, Lowes, AND did tons of chores around the house.  I feel AMAZING because I got all my Christmas decor put away.  Somehow I even managed to put up the Christmas tree in the closet all by myself.  May not seem like a lot to most, but my tree is 12 feet tall and quite wide.  It's a beast to put away, but it sure looks pretty!  Note to self, where old clothes with long sleeves when dealing with a Christmas tree and garland!  I am to' up!!!  My arms look like a cat attacked them.

Remember my goal of getting more organized and rotating toys?  Check out what I did!

 photo 6F5FC0D9-A796-418F-8562-08536E8EE93C_zpshwqfpnux.jpg

Got myself some empty totes on sale at Target…And proceeded to divide the toys we have and the toys we got for Christmas into them.

 photo DF92BD82-BAAF-48D8-AACB-7745F02C5BDB_zpsv6zcl5kk.jpg  photo E3762C1D-F750-4BE9-B81F-6021048881B4_zpsqocd3kaj.jpg

 photo FB655E2F-4568-4B53-A661-AF0A4A78A32C_zpsttcgzrl5.jpg  photo A408E176-2551-4585-A2AD-5C46F0670BEC_zpshu0nooio.jpg

Ok, yes.  I'll take a picture and show the after.  I finally sat down and I honestly don't feel like walking all the way back in there.  Pathetic…I know.

Look I also started working on a project that I've been dying to start.  Here's a little sneak peak! 

 photo BC0CBC1A-5E03-4FD0-BD39-623DD68C6AF2_zpsqhv7cxjp.jpg 

 photo 356F299D-ADCB-4A30-829F-4709E55C8B54_zpsbwfpehro.jpg

Operation Paint the Fireplace is in effect!

Have you taken down your holiday decor?

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