First Blizzard ever

So tonight we are saying hello to our first NE Blizzard.

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See we are totally expecting the power to go out so...we actually prepared for it!  The hubs got 2 cords of wood(if you don't know how much it is, think of the size of the back of a dump truck and you'll have an approximation), our oil tank and propane are full (so we can heat the house and cook on the stock)...need I say more.  Seriously, he's ready freddy...and I'm glad.  I wasn't worried until at the NEaster's started flipping out.  Apparently I don't quite know what 2+ feet of snow in a day can do.

Rich was pretty worried about the idea of the power going out so we told him if the power goes out then we will out have a campout in the living room.  Yes, next to our wood stove that keeps our living room an amazing 80 degrees.  So he immediately replies,"So we'll roast marshmallows?" and I said, "yes, of course.".  Hey, if some roasted marshmallows are what it takes to keep a kid from being scared...roasted marshmallows and camping it is!

I'm usually terrible at getting before pictures so here's some "it just now started snowing but we got 8" on Saturday" pics:

Above is our driveway, you can see that snow that has fallen so far.

Once again, these are the "Before pics".  These photos are after it snowed 8" 2 days ago.  We don't usually have this much snow in our yard, but we've only lived here since late November.

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  1. It was Beautiful and 70 degrees here today. I went to the gym, Walked, and did Pilaties. ( I knew that would make you proud of me). On Wednesday its going to be 80. Please keep warm and thank you for being a good Momma to my Grandbabies. Feeling Secure is very important at their young age. Love you all!!!


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