Essential Oils to the rescue

I will admit it.  I get ingrown toenails all the time.  I think it is from wearing running shoes all the time?  I don't know what exactly the cause is but whatever, it happens.  I end up butchering my toes in an effort to rid myself of the nuisance and then, of course they get infected.

I used to just use super hot water and epsom salt bathes to get rid of the infection but I've added some amazingness from my essential oil collection.

 photo ingrowntoenailoils_zpsew6af9nf.jpg

I got Raven for Christmas and I've been try it for everything.  I knew it was associate with inflammation or infection so I added it to my bath and Thieves, because of it's antioxidant qualities.
Within minutes, I could feel relief (i.e. it didn't hurt to touch the toe!) and within hours, the pain and inflammation was all gone.

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