Dog days of winter?

My day began with a huge pile of vomit from my min pin, Cody.  Yeah, in the crack of the cushions of my couch no less!  Super gross.  Can you guess who was dry heaving while that up?  Yeah, this girl!  Vomit, never ceases to make me dry heave.  Luckily it was only huge, soggy dog food so clean up was easy.  Still, I wonder,"Why can't you vomit on the tile?"

The rest of the day was full of fragrant farts from this one.  Goodness, she was so stinky I was having to ask her to leave the room all day.  I even asked my son to go throw the ball to her so maybe she would toot it all out and poop to pass the nastiness! 

Stinkiness isn't a norm in our household pups but today, was a particularly disgusting dog day!  

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