Blizzard 2015 Fun!!!

Are you ready for snow pictures and videos overload?  Because you are fixing to get a healthy dose of it.  Now keep in mind, we are from Texas.  This our first major blizzard and our first encounter of 2+ft in a 24 hour period, so it's a big deal to us.  Oh, and I just heard on the news that this is the #1 largest snowstorm in January on record.  Wow.

Here is our driveway last night, right after it had started snowing probably about an hour into the snow onset.

And our back yard.  We got about 6" on Saturday so we had a nice coating already.

Below, is our basement/garage door leading to our driveway THIS MORNING!  And it is still snowing heavily 8 hours after this photo was taken.

My littles getting prepared for the snow-fun!!

Here's a little dose of our morning views.

Crappy picture but as of this morning of my legs in the snow.  Yeah, that's up to my knees.

I'm not totally sure how my little B got into this position but for her, it was waist high.

Me and my Texas self didn't realize that you cannot sled on fluffy fluff of 2 feet of snow.  But I tried!!!  Here's my attempt at helping my little B sled this morning.

Here's R.  It's a little better as we begin to compact the snow.

So we came inside after working up an appetite this morning to eat lunch, B took a nap, and the hubs, R, and myself watch Star Wars: A New Hope.  Then back out into the snow we went.  It was up to my knees!!!

Our lab thought today was awesome.  As I write this post, she passed out on the couch because she played so hard.  I even got here to sled with me but unfortunately no video of that.

Our neighbors ended up coming out and enjoying our driveway with us.  It was so much fun and we actually all boo-ed when the snow plows came down the street because they messed up our landing!  My hubs had snow blowed the driveway earlier in the day so the added snow of the day made a perfect sledding hill!

I gave you the before photo of our backyard earlier...here's the comparison!

Yes, that is our fence you can barely see in the background.  It is pretty much covered! 

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