and then she was 3

Recent events have taken my mind out of the normal loop of things.  My daughter is turning 3 tomorrow!

It's gotten me to thinking.  She's quite the challenging child.  She's so sweet, loving, witty, and hard headed child.  I find myself constantly in battle with her on everyday topics.  However she's so smart that sometimes I find her 3 steps ahead of me and my "mama logic" doesn't work on her like it does my sweet, rule-following, easy going son.  When I ask her, "Where's the pink pants?"  She can easily show me whatever in the vicinity is pink.  But if I show her two crayons and ask,"Which crayon is brown?"  She'll look at me, the crayons, and then say,"I don't know" with a cute little smile that means 'You should know and I don't care'.  

She slyness makes me smile and yet I find myself grabbing at straws as to how to teach her these little things.  She gets the big things, she knows how to get what she wants but when it comes to the basics, colors (other than the ones she likes), numbers, letters, she just plain doesn't care.  How do you teach a kid that is very people smart to excel at the book smart part?

I find myself backing down from pushing too hard because I've always pushed myself too hard to "get it".  I want to know what I don't.  My son has natural athletic ability so I find it easy with him to enter him into a sport and he "gets" it and enjoy it and even school, he loves to "read" his learning to read books with me.  However my soon-to-be 3 year old redhead little girl, she wants only what she wants.  I'm entering her into a ballet class with intent to give her a creative outlet to focus her energy and simultaneously give her a structure to build on.

This is not a rant nor is it saying I'm not proud of her.  I love her, I love whom she is and I want to strengthen her so she can continue to be the little amazing person she is.  This post is simply a mom admitting mom thoughts.  As a mom, I want to give my children the world.  I want them to feel loved, be happy, and grow up to be a contributing and functional part of society.  

I love her and am bittersweet about tomorrow coming.  Tomorrow she will be 3.  I'm looking forward to seeing her face light up with she opens presents and eats cake and I'm looking forward to everyday after with her, she is my sweet little girl and I wouldn't trade her for anything!  She is so very funny, sweet, adorable, cuddly, fun to dress, sassy, entertaining, and loving.  She is my little girl.

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  1. It's all good, Sara. Second-born children learn at their own pace and aren't as eager to please you as first-born. It's really, really hard not to compare one to the other.


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