BodyPump my new weights!

When we moved to New Hampshire, we joined a new gym.  I was super pumped to see they had the Les Mills classes and was so excited to try the BodyPump class that I've heard Julie from PB Fingers gush about.

My setup...I'm now on my third classes and have learned to bring my gloves to protect my "dainty" hands. 

Ok, maybe they aren't dainty but the cold air is making them dry and cracked!  I've been slothing on the lotion but I have to wash my hands so much that it doesn't really make a difference!

Back to BodyPump,  I love the music and the lifting but I wish their was more cardio.

Look who found out she's going to be a spin instructor in March!  

This girl!  I'm so super pumped to learn a new workout!

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