2014 Most overplayed songs

I love listening to the end of year charts.  I think that is probably one of my favorite things about New Years Eve.  I wanted to do my own lists on everything but really, the one thing that I know really well and deal with everyday is music.  I love listening to music and

As I reviewed many of the songs that I listened to this year, one of my most instinctive thoughts was, "Crap this song was played a lot." I'm going against the grain and providing most annoying i.e.. overplayed to least. So here we go with the...

Top Overplayed Songs of 2014

1.  "Happy" Pharrell

OMG, this. song.  Such a great message.  My kids loved to sing it.  I loved to sing it.  We love the movie it's on.  But really, radio stations must we play it every 5 songs?  Way too too much!

2.  "Habits" Tov Lo

I love Tov Lo.  I love her album.  I actually loved this song…before they put it on the radio.

3.  "Dark Horse" Katy Perry

The first time I heard this song, I was running.  And it was awesome.  But then I heard it, over and over and over and over and…yeah, well you get the picture.

4.  "Stay with me" Sam Smith

His voice is FANTASTIC.  However, this song is depressing.  So warning, if you are feeling lonely, turn off the radio because you'll hear this song and then, you'll cry.

5.  "Bang Bang" all those chicks, like Ariana, Jessie J, and Nicki

This song is annoying.  Was and is annoying.  I literally can hear the diva attitude over the radio.

6.  "Fancy" Iggy Azalea

I like Iggy.  I think she's super cool and her tunes are great for working out.  But this was played WAY too much for enjoyment listening.

7.  "Come and get it" Selena Gomez

We got it.  She loves the Biebs and he's a young, wild boy.  She's absolutely gorgeous and really needs to get a real man to "come and get it" so she can get over the Biebs.

8.  "Chandelier" Sia

I LOVED this song.  She sounds so broken and freed.  But when you hear it multiple times in one hour then you are just wishing you're radio would free you to listen to another song.

9.  "Problem" Ariana and Iggy

I don't know why I don't like Ariana.  She has a fantastic voice but homegirl seems like a snobby little chick.  This song was ok at first but I heard it one too many times to tune into it.

10.  "Blame" Calvin Harris and "Waves" Mr Probz

Poor Calvin.  Him and his gf broke up.  Someone cheated on someone, so he had to DJ and sing about it.  This along with "Waves" were both pretty sweet but way too similar and so each time one was played I couldn't help but think why do they keep playing this song?

Any songs you would add to the list?

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