I've decided I'm going to try to go a different route with this blog.  I have written fewer and fewer posts due to my anxiety of having too much on my plate.  Sometimes it's overwhelming when you see others blogs and how amazingly planned out they seem to be.  I love having this blog and want to keep it relevant so I'm switching to more of a lifestyle vibe to make it "less stress" and "more life".

I find myself constantly making the excuse,"I'm just too busy" or "I don't have time for that".  Sure, I'm a full time Stay at home mom to two kids under 6, in school to get my Masters, teach fitness classes, and am in the middle of moving to a state halfway across the country; but the fact is, I love this blog and the outlet it provides me to just be me.

So let's start on this journey…

I began my day with my sick lil man in my bed coughing and whining all night.  My heart was reaching out to him but my shoulders were killing me.  Seriously we had a great arm workout last night at class.

One thing's for sure
You know you are a Mom when you can get thrown up on and manage not to throw up yourself.
Yeah, my son threw up on me at the doctors appointment and it was rough.  He slept most of the day but was pretty much back to normal by 1pm when we went to get his script for his ear infection.  He picked out this Nestle Toll House Rolled & Ready Sugar Cookie Dough Sheets.

 photo 15014AB8-72D5-46D1-BA34-6999D5A3F9D8_zps7zq1fwx4.jpg

I usually like to make my own but hey, sometimes you just go with the easy pre made route!  

 photo D9F75B89-B67E-41AF-8F46-BAE33EFCB8CB_zpsgmbckuwy.jpg

The kids were super pumped about making cookies.  Can't you tell by their sweet little faces?  And yes, my son was still wearing Pj's, after all doesn't everyone wear PJ's all day when they are sick?

 photo D26A8B73-767F-4529-AB05-BF6F16C0F686_zpseykdsrfa.jpg

My inner OCD goddess had to take a break while they had flour and dough all over.  But they loved it and were entertained for about 45 minutes!  

 photo AF79E8A5-0BCD-47BB-BA1F-9754398A9420_zpsxrcrmnu0.jpg

See how pretty they were at first?  Then the littles began to mangle the dough but hey, we still make cookies!

 photo BCCF0046-4955-4054-8E72-20E92C5CF291_zpswsvyeurk.jpg

Of course I had to add my own little thang, Pumpkin Pie Spice sprinkled on top.  Hey, it's fall!

 photo 315423CC-84DE-4C8A-BFA0-3D9979C2AAE9_zps7niymugu.jpg

They littles just couldn't stop asking when their cookies would be done.  Me, however, I was busy get the cookie icing ready.

 photo 09F6C9BF-D70F-4D2E-AD28-7250C2BD3840_zpsb5rismc4.jpg  photo E9BD4EE1-7C0A-4015-96C0-AC7FE0CBD3DC_zpsofncqeaz.jpg

Which is better for young kids to use to ice cookies with?  Oh and my homemade EZ icing--->

Homemade EZ Icing

Light corn syrup
powdered sugar
dash of milk
Almond extract to taste

Okay, I know there's not measurement's on it but as long as your arm is killing you from stirring the mixture because it's just that thick (i.e.. isn't running) then your icing is probably ok to go.  Granted this icing won't dry like buttercream, it's just as tasty AND super easy for kids to make a mess and have fun with.  If you want numbers to put on the recipe check out this one from Allrecipes.com.

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