DIY Ottoman/Coffee Table

A few weeks ago I posted this

Project coming on!!

I have had tons of folks asking about "What happened with that project?"  Well, this is what happened!

 photo 01B74E16-64AA-4453-8F0A-CCD739663D22_zpscbhw09ff.jpg

Hehe, no I didn't go all Blair Witch Project on you, although it did look pretty spooky at night.  Unfortunately the photo a night didn't totally portray the spookiness of floating table legs.  My super sweet husband was all for me making our new coffee table and spare us $300+ for the ones you buy in stores.  The hubs happily hung up my table legs and cut the bottoms to match so I could stain them.

 photo 5F37BC69-F84C-4262-942B-1DBA06151693_zpsx8dvydmm.jpg 

Once stained he used these handy dandy double sided thread screws so we can simply screw the legs into the table top.

 photo CD63813E-5A67-487F-8E3D-AEBF85DB83FD_zpsrpp1pjlt.jpg  photo 3230E6DD-610A-4C7B-B893-6E41632B42C9_zps78dtjrnl.jpg

 photo 1EA476B5-5628-460B-A0C3-5A4AA80BFA34_zpspgxj0qkm.jpg

 photo D78AADFF-5CE7-4D4B-B399-C818D240F214_zpskd40bza1.jpg

We then took out the XL twin egg crate and folded it in half and laid the table on it and cut a circle in the padding.

 photo 7C89C7E6-6532-4010-90B3-C40A7FA6317E_zpstpyef9bm.jpg

   photo D319B4FB-97B3-4B32-8507-B60E2861E13B_zps2c6h2qhr.jpg

 photo b702a40b-fd1d-4440-b343-d4913cf595b1_zps121c9fb1.jpg  photo C08AA8E5-9B29-48CD-A8D4-B4FFF08422FF_zpsailuavgc.jpg

After cutting the egg crate I used a waterproof mattress protector which I stapled onto the bottom of the table to hold the crate in place and provide a waterproof barrier for the crate just in case something gets spilled (which will inevitably happen) and it won't get gross in the padding.

  photo B0790801-9E1B-4016-A4EF-1B482D439E1E_zpsdyeiq2nf.jpg

I cut off the excess protector so it wouldn't hang.  I bought a shower curtain for the fabric cover.  Once again, lay it down in the center and staple it tight.  Then cut the excess off.

 photo F58C881F-8F34-473F-B555-7DDCA099C44C_zpstljnugqw.jpg  photo C025F425-DFFC-4C96-B54A-F140F73A1CEE_zps0bzhybns.jpg

 photo 7AD0DF6F-3ACD-4B65-8D04-E5490509C15E_zpsniohbfke.jpg 

   photo C118D256-EFAD-4D16-A1A6-A206838E476F_zpsoes0npeb.jpg

I loved how it turned out but I thought my little Hobby Lobby tray needed a little something.

 photo A932B04C-B393-4467-9E85-6ACC83E7036A_zpsf0kdefbu.jpg

 photo 0F99252E-361B-4834-B040-62754DA41B4D_zpsu4dtjluj.jpg

So I cut out this quote with my Silhouette and mod podged over it to seal it.

 photo 1E36FB3E-3AB7-4E9E-B4B3-6472A4C45991_zps2mifvjbu.jpg

I loved how it turned out and I like it even more because all together it only cost me $146!  That is WAY better then $300!

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