Copper Door

The best part of the hubby's business trips is trying new restaurants!! Last night we went to the Copper Door.  Definitely a more upscale restaurant with a beautiful modern farmhouse like feel to the interior.  The iron work in the chandeliers and small touches through added to a demur classy atmosphere.

My friend and I settled on a bottle of Santa Rita Chilean Cab to share.  It was slightly spicey than I usually choose for wine but it was a great change from my normal Pinot noir and French selections.

I ordered the ahi tuna because it's one of my favs and I rarely get to have it.  Apparently the waitress saw my disappointment/confusion in the odd brownish coloring because her manager promptly came out and divulged a chef cooked it under a broiler instead of following their usual preparation.  To my surprise, she informed me that the executive chef was quite upset with the situation and had already started preparing another the "proper" way so I gladly accepted the properly prepared ahi tuna.  

I always hesitate to voice my disapproval in the appearance of order served because I used to wait tables myself and I remember so many rude people that complained about the silliest things.  However I always fear food poisoning if something isn't the color it should be.  So the original brown tuna I was served was replaced with a beautiful red centered one.

Ok, I know it's halfway eaten...I was really excited when this one came to the table! It was so delicious!  A little too peppery but the tuna melted on my tongue so I was easily able to overlook the pepperiness.

My dinner comrades all faired better when their entrees came out.  

Jerry had an impressive stack of ribeyes!

My hubby's NY strip was amazing with a fantastic taste fresh off the grill.  But I must say the creamed spinach-artichoke side was the best.  I kept stealing bites from his plate!

Deanna's filet was amazing.  But seriously how do you go wrong with filet mignon?

I would definitely suggest the Copper Door to a friend and we will be sure to go back!! 


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