Bedford Inn - Corks

Yesterday I roamed the Londonderry and Bedford New Hampshire countryside looking at homes.  I can not explain how pretty it is here! Nature is truly alive and well here.

Potential backyard!

After a long day looking at homes my husband and I met some of his coworkers for dinner at a place they suggested, The Bedford Inn.  

The Inn is a well known local venue for weddings and special events but it also houses a restaurant, Tavern, and Corks, a wine bar.  Though it's best to get a reservation at the restaurant, we parked ourselves in Corks and you can still order from the full menu.

We started with some wine and beer and picked from a selection of cheeses and meats. 

Um, I sorta forgot to take a pic until we were almost done.  But it was a great appetizer!! Local honey, local cheeses, and some spicey salami!

Of course I washed it down with more wine!  Last night I had small glasses of several wines including a Pomerol, Caymus, and a Cotes du Rhone.  

If you are looking for a fantastic fancy dinner place in Southern NH, Bedford Inn is it!

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