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Hello…out there! I've been running a lot lately.  I missed it.  A LOT.  Between lack of time and the heat I just haven't gotten out on the pavement.

Today I actually got to run by myself ie. not pushing my kids in the stroller so I got to enjoy a bit of the random mind drift.  One of the things I haven't been doing on my recent runs is wear my Garmin. When I wear it, I tend to obsess over my pace.  Without it, I've found a freedom of just running with my heart rate monitor to see the calorie burn. 

I realized that even on my easy runs, I'm not really running "easy". I'm constantly competing with MYSELF! "8:30min/mi, sheesh I can totally do 8:15.  After all I'm only doing 5 miles", is the thoughts usually running through my mind.

I have no idea what my pace has been the recent runs BUT I've been able to check my heart rate to see my exertion, see how many calories I've burned, and see how far I've gone.  AND I've actually been content with that! 

All in all, I love the run.  I'm always happy I did it.  But whether I'm alone or in a race, my biggest competitor is myself, my ghost, my time.  Every half marathon I've ran I've taken off at least 5 minutes off my previous time.  My ghost of my past run is always there and I always have to beat it.

Slowly I'm learning that speed isn't the end all.  The workout CAN be satisfying enough.

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