Pins of the Week

So this may be more a bit on the side of the "Pins of the Last several Weeks" since I haven't written much lately.  I'm sad to say that the only time I really have to write is late at night when my brain is tired of studying biochemistry let I'm allowed to drift long enough to write a blog post.  So here goes.

I love this post from The Art of Fed that connects books with an activity.  We've really gotten into going to the library and picking out books so I'd love to expand on that with fun projects.

How many times have you gotten a can of paint to revamp a room and after a nice swatch is made you HATE the color?  Seriously, upload a photo of the room and digitally change the color till you fall in love! Well, here's your life hack to prevent AWFUL color choices! mycolortopia.com

I love this idea for a DIY gift! Printables with a frame for all year long!  So cute!  I know I have my own frame on my mantel that boasts the different holidays or special occasions throughout the year and I think as a gift that would be super cute and thoughtful. 

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