This past weekend we had an awesome Glamping trip at Whispering Pines Jellystone Park.  Now I'm sure to say glamping because we were staying in a cabin and had a full shower, kitchen, and beds.  But whatever, we had 5 kids between all of us and in 100+degree heat taking a shower at the end of the day is awesome!!!

We rented a Loft cabin and it was so nice and clean!!! We were all super impressed with the great lil cabin (there was 10 of us in all).  The A/C was super awesome and it was downright awesome for family little vaca. 

The park had a great kids pool, a whole separate adult pool, putt putt, a jumping blob (which even the adults had fun on!), horseshoes…I mean I could go on and on.  We even took the kids fishing!  The kids (yes, they were all 4 and under) LOVED it!!! Finding sticks or going on adventures was like heaven for them.  At one point my son looked at me and said,"This is the best vacation ever Mama!!!"  My heart melted and I was so glad that he was so happy.  

This park was a great meeting place for my husband and his college roomies and we had an awesome time.  It was SUPER affordable and so much fun!!!  We celebrated my husband's birthday and he (and we)truly enjoyed the nature and the fun getting down to "basics" element.

We first got turned onto the Jellystone Parks by driving by the one by us Jellystone at Rustic Creek Ranch.  It's serious awesome.

have you ever gone "glamping"?

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