Pins of the Week

I'm so glad to be back from Cali and back to my norm.  However this week is the beginning of our new regimen with my kids going to MDO two days throughout the summer because I'm in school through the summer as well.  But they are changing the days they go so it's also changing my gym schedule.  

We are getting used to it and figuring it out one day at a time.  So here's just a few of the massive amount of pins that I got this week:

As afraid as I am of putting food coloring in my kids hands for them to play with, I really think they would enjoy this activity.  Making clouds and colors in a bowl…what a science experiment!!!

Talk about helpful!!! I don't even this this pin needs an explanation for how handy this could be.

I freaking love salads. Sure they are usually healthier.  But honestly, I just love the combination of tastes and fresh crunchiness!!

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