Kids Summer Reading II

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Last night my hubs and I watched The Great Gatsby.  The new version.  I absolutely loved it!  I've had the book sitting next to my bedside since this new one came out last year but never could get past page 2.


After seeing the fantastic, erotic play on a classic novel using current musicians and warping their tunes to engage a big band-Charleston loving era and modern cinematic movement to tell this engaging and tragic story, I'm going to have to read the book.  I loved the fact that I didn't know what was coming next and whom was going to end up together.  So many movies these days are unbelievably predictable and I actually couldn't take my eyes off of it.  I will definitely have to read the book now.  Plus Leonardo was pretty hot in this one!

Llama Llama Red Pajama

 photo summerreading_zps5b8f7234.jpg

For our second book in this series, I had to chose this one.  It's one of my kids favorite good night stories.  Both of them can't recite it almost word for word and they love the drama of a sweet little llama and it's Mama.  Just like them and me.  I was given this book when I was pregnant with my son by my Mom and I would definitely suggest this as a "must read".

 photo photo2-3_zps97db85af.jpg

I hope you don't mind the grainy photo but it was my sad attempt at taking a picture of them and their red pi's with little llama!

 photo photo1-4_zps8091355a.jpg

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