The Met Gala 2014

Ok, so I'm no fashion blogger.  But I do love me some US Weekly and seeing what all the famous peeps are wearing.  The Met Gala always proves to be quite an entertaining event when it comes to what folks wear.

This looks more like oriental drapes to me…

Classically classic.

Stella McCartney looked pumped to be there!!!

Seriously the best looking couple!!! Love the old Hollywood glamour!

Love the girl but the dress and the hair, just no. no.

Gorgeous.  Charlize.

Kristen, I wouldn't be happy to wear that dress either.

Kinda one of my fav couples right now.  They are both just so likable!

Does this remind anyone else of the dress that the fairies made in Sleeping Beauty BEFORE they decided to use their wands?

Is this a joke?  

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