Friday Favs

I have actually had a list every Friday ready for this post, however, I have not actually been able to sit down and WRITE the post!

Eucerin's Aquaphor is amazing stuff.  Slather it on dry skin, put it on a diaper rash, make some chapstick, you name it this stuff is awesome.  However, I have found a personal favorite use for it.  Every night right before I go to sleep I slather this stuff around my eyes, on my eyelids, under my eyes. Of course I use my ring finger to apply it but this stuff is BY FAR the BEST anti wrinkle cream I EVER used!!!

I am sort of obsessed with these chopped salad kits.  They have several kinds including Asian, Summer blend, Sunflower blend, BBQ Ranch…They are SOOO good.  I add a chicken breast to it and VIOLA!  dinner!

I NEVER wear polish on my nails but a few weeks ago I got my nails done for a wedding.  I was wearing a black dress with sequins so I wanted a very understated look for my nails.  I decided to go with OPI's Samoan Sand and am OFFICIALLY in LOVE!  My fingers look so long and graceful.  I think I will now become a nail polish wearer with this subdued color.

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