Embarrassed to go running...

Ok, I'm sure my friends and family are reading this out of "what, is, Sara talking about? She's ALWAYS running".  Well, sometimes when I read others blog posts it opens a Pandora's box in my mind of thoughts of my own experiences.

Dorothy from Mile Posts wrote "I'm Embarrassed to Go Running" and I instantly asked myself "Why?" This women is AMAZING.  She's a mama to 3 and is SOOO fast!  Seriously, when I'm out running I am mentally running against her because I want to keep up with her.

In her blog post she quotes Joan Benoit Samuelson (whom I don't know who she is because am going to have to look her up now)
"When I first started running, I was so embarrassed, I’d walk when cars passed me. I’d pretend I was looking at the flowers."
This really got me thinking.  I've never EVER been one of those embarrassed to run.  I think running is just somewhere in my DNA.  I often have friends and family ask Why? How?  What for?  And all I can say is,"I just love it".

Now in all honesty it's sort of a love-hate relationship,  usually I get to a point in the run that I'm like "Ok, I'm done." and if its a training run and I have to get in more miles I end up annoyed.  I guess that's why I usually only train for one long race a year. I love the freedom of running however far I feel like on any particular day so the shacklings of training can only be worn for a short period.

Thing is, I'm not a snob about it.  Come on, you know when you go to an race expo it's like instant "I'm more of a runner than you" attitude when you walk in.  When people ask me how to get started or that they are just not a runner, I say, start simple.

After both of my kids, this is exactly what I did.  I started slowly.  No time constraints, no pacing.  I would run for a song, then walk for a song.  Soon I was able to run for 2 songs and walk for 1.  I would slowly build up until I unconsciously was running as far as I wanted to (or my kids were willing to stay in the jogging stroller for).  The music was my fun focus and allowed me to push my boundaries in a fun way.

Whatever you do, don't knock it before you try it.  There's a runner in most of us (I know better than to say all), especially if you have zombies chasing you.

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