Pins of the Week

After a Bud Light filled day at Chilifest in Snook, Texas on Saturday, I'm finally getting back on the normal train.  I'm sitting here while the hubs puts on the hardware in my newly repainted kitchen cabinets and watching Justified while I write this blog post before I get back to learning about the reactions of the benzene ring for my Organic Chemistry class.  Fun…

I love pistachios and cranberries so the thought of them merging together in my mouth with some dark chocolate sounds delightful! Cranberry and Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate filled raspberries.  YUM! ok, so maybe my head was a bit fruit-chocolate focused this week. 

FITSUGAR's post on yoga poses that strengthen your arms totally drew me in.  I love yoga and I love seeing my strength work with my own body's weight and flexibility.

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