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Get your head out of the gutter!!! I'm talking about my food stuffs that I have coming up this spring.  Last year Chad and I made my raised garden bed so I was eager this year to add to it.  First of all, I have to address my panicked situation last night when I wanted a glass of wine and I didn't think I had any.  Ok, maybe an OVER reaction, BUT this was after bombing a organic chemistry quiz and studying the next chapter for two hours.  The wine was needed, the panic, totally acceptable!!! lol

Ok, so back to the garden.  I have lots of fun stuff I'm hoping actually produces this year.  Last year I didn't get a lot of produce but I think me and the kids will be even more into the fun this year.

First, my lil blueberry bush!

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Look, I already have a tomato on my plant!!!

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Um, this is a green onion is bought at the grocery store and then let root in water and planted last year.  It's kind of huge!!!

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My boy, he was pointing to the plants for ya'll!

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On my porch I have more fun.  This is my lavender plant.  I'm hoping to make some satchels for closets and maybe some oils.

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My new basil plant because I'm not sure the other survived the winter.

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My beautiful and amazingly resilient spearmint plant.  This stuff grows like crazy and is super easy to get trimmings off of.  I add it to infuse waters and into my teas.

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This is my thriving parsley plant that survived the winter.  Hardy!!!

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I have romaine lettuce coming back up from last year in my garden so I dug it up and put it on my porch.  It's grown tons!!! Now for salad!  Can't you see how excited my son is?

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Our spinach and my seedlings of watermelon and pumpkins I'm going to let grow in my front flower garden.  Hey, why not?

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My raspberry plant that I hope will produce this year.

 photo DSC_0046_zps4b46699f.jpg

Some cilantro.  I've heard it only produce like 2-3 times so I'm going to be sure to chop and dry as I have it.

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Do you have a garden?  What are you growing this year?

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