What is ST1 you ask?  It's the awesomeness that is my last name.  S-T-O-N-E.  Get it! I always throw folks for a loop when they ask me for my last name and I say "Stone" and they say "What?" and I say "ST-1".  Hehe

Well, I decided my son's baseball helmet was way too ordinary so I added some ST1 awesomeness using vinyl and my Silhouette!

 photo 479C89C1-A298-45E2-BF8A-65820F21F7A1_zpsfdteehft.jpg 

 photo 9858080C-F3F9-46CB-98E3-906F5BBC2094_zpsyxh0w17w.jpg

 photo 40EEE118-5C19-4165-BAD6-04583670ED24_zpsuefp0o5f.jpg

 photo CFE6EE4B-9025-40CE-96D8-48CAE490B9D6_zpsbox9ihsb.jpg

R was so excited about his "new" helmet!  Seriously, it took forever for me to explain that it was his same helmet, Mama just decorated it.  Love him so much.

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