Miss A

Our family got a new blessing this last week and we went to see the new little Miss.  Congrats to my SIL and BIL and big bro W for there new addition.

 photo E136674D-4E0A-4C02-B2A5-87C027EB9434_zpsv6kcnpxy.jpg

Even my sweet R was just head over heels for the new baby A.

 photo 7BCC8EB7-FEB6-4873-A56E-19D29EA511C6_zpspfqw0vyx.jpg 

I literally started crying right here because he was in the middle of singing "Rock a bye baby" to her.  He has such a huge heart that so full of love.  

 photo 7390B303-295E-4CDD-AC4F-E55629A90F5F_zpsshddkgce.jpg 

Myself and the MIL with all her Grandkids.  My little B is holding the baby and is in the process of telling me she's done holding her in the picture.  And Miss A's big bro W is a wiggle worm so the picture was a quick grab in time.  Hehe, kids are so funny.

 photo B690635F-3D15-46AD-B013-3C972B2DC0F2_zps9vgyanzp.jpg

My sweet B wasn't too interested in the baby but she did so well considering how much I was holding her.

 photo 4A5BDDCF-DFFD-4817-A122-E6A98EB4C0A6_zpsptohfca0.jpg 

Proud new aunt right here!  Yeah, I've been an Aunt since I was 5 but I'm finally getting to enjoy the stages.  Since we aren't having anymore kiddos I'm loving on the baby as much as I can.  Plus she's a great cuddlier!

 photo A331C411-1C00-4421-AD3C-9FFD2CA8BB0D_zps0ctzjpyd.jpg

Do you have any nieces or nephews?

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