Fitness Survey

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1. Do you have a Fitness board on Pinterest? Share it.

Yes, I actually have two.
Just for me

2. What is your go to place for fitness questions? (friend, blog, website)

I usually talk to my friends or scour the web for info.  My recent fav has been the www.FitSugar.com

3. What do you do to workout when the weather outside is too cold, snowy or icy?

I usually head to the gym.  I like to run outside in the cold but I don't like getting on all the gear.

4. Latest song added to your playlist?

Well it's not just one song.  I just downloaded the new Ke$ha Cd Warrior a week or so ago.

5. Share a link to your favorite healthy recipe. (can be a web link or Pin)

I made these with a friend and our kids.  They were SOOO good.  Even our husbands wear devouring them!

6. What's your favorite fitness app?

Nike Training Club.  Fo sho! 

Share a picture of a recent workout. 

Plus a 3.5 mile farklek training run on the treadmill
Workout photo E93E31D6-572A-472E-B7FD-5CC7C179A232_zpsdakcmyd7.jpg

Fab Ab Workout of the day

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