Safety Tips!

In light of recent unfortunate events, Sarah from How My World Runs and myself are going over some quick safety tips for all your runners out there.

My friends and family are always expressing concern for myself and my kids since I run out in my neighborhood and outdoors a lot.

My deliberate special measures I take for safety:

  • Wear Bright colors: I always make it a point to wear either a bright shirt or pants.  Plus my BOB double stroller is bright orange.  If I'm ever running in the evening or at night I always put Christmas lights or misc lights all over the stroller.
  • Run on the Correct Side:  When you are running on a road with no sidewalk, run against traffic.  That way you can see what is coming at you and you can take measures to move in case a car isn't paying attention or doesn't see you.
  • Hear your surroundings: I always run with music, BUT I make sure I can hear my surroundings.  If I run with a stroller, I play my music through speakers attached to my stroller so I can hear my kids and what's going on around me.
Here's another post of mine on Running safety.

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  1. Ran 8 miles this morning after an early dentist appointment. My safety tips - wear a RoadID, tell my hubby where I will be running and when he should expect me back, run on the sidewalks and against traffic, wear bright colors (I LOVE ME SOME NEON :) ), and always expect others to not see you... Make sure to make yourself be seen!


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