Nuun Review and Giveaway

*I am not being compensated for this post however I did receive the samples to try.  All opinions are my own.*

I'm super pumped about this post today.  I got these samples and I wasn't the only one excited about the package.

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My little girl was so excited about opening it up.  Nuun was so generous to send me a four pack of their new All Day hydration tabs.

I loved the subtle taste that it adds to a glass of water and I must say I was more than impressed with ALL the flavors!  Seriously sometimes I'll try to drink a Gatorade or Powerade and I end up having to cut it with water just to make it tolerable!  With these tabs I simple fill my water bottle with water and ice, drop in a tab, and a few minutes and couple swirls of the bottle I have a perfectly tasty, thirst quenching drink.

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  • Tangerine Lime:  I had my doubts, but suddenly once I got a taste…I almost thought I was drinking a margarita and mimosa in one.  So good!
  • Blueberry Pomegranate:  This was an interesting combo.  But I really like the smooth collection of flavor.
  • Grapefruit Orange:  Well, I've kind of been obsessed with fresh squeezed Grapefruit juice lately so this was right up my ally.
  • Grape Raspberry:  Ok, I was most worried about this one.  I'm NOT a fan of grape drinks or grape medicine or grape candy.  But this was just enough grape and the tartness of raspberry perfectly complemented it.
Yeah, I know, weird, but I actually did like each flavor.  

Want to know more about the nutrition behind the tabs?  Check it out here.

Nuun Giveaway

Runs 8AM CST 1/23 to 8PM CST 1/29, winner announced 1/30


  1. I've had this during a race, but have never bought any myself. Today is chest and triceps!

  2. Ran 5 miles this morning. I love Nuun. Cherry Limeade is my favorite, but most of their flavors are good.

  3. I have not worked out yet today. These single digit mornings are foiling my plans! Hopefully this evening.

  4. Love, love, love Nuun! Have you tried the Kona cola? Like drinking a soda, but it's good for you! I lifted some weights today, but I am trying to take the week off from working out after finishing the Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon last Sunday.

  5. I love Nuun. Drink one after every run. Today is a 5 mile run!

  6. I LOVE nuun. I drink one after most of my workouts. I've been wanting to try the Nuun All Day but haven't bought any yet.

  7. Love Nuun! esp the summer flavor of watermelon!


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