Baby Got Back Workout + Giveaway

Let's get that lower body in tip top shape.  Here's a fun quick combo workout for you.

 photo workout4_zps0093bcd1.jpg 

Here's some links to the descriptions on how to do the exercises here and here.

Swiftwick and Sweaty Band giveaway!!!

Giveaway starts at 8AM CST January 24, 2014 and ends 8PM CST January 28th. The giveaway is for 1 pair of size small pink Swiftwick compression socks and 1 black & white Sweaty Band. 


  1. I'm just about to do a easy treadmill run. Haven't done anything new this month, but I have been doing more speed work than usual.

  2. I have not worked out yet today - hopefully this afternoon. I have not tried any new workouts this month.


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