My Christmas Wishlist

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I'm terrible at telling people what I want for Christmas or birthdays when they ask.  I just can't ever think of anything!  So of course now that it's two weeks before Christmas I have finally compiled a list of things that I wouldn't mind finding underneath the Christmas tree.

I saw this little gadget in Better Homes and Gardens.  It's a cordless remote for your iPhone or iPad!  Sweet huh!

I was given a Clarisonic a few years ago, and I LOVE it!  Unfortunately, I need a new brush.  So this new acne cleansing brush would definitely be a nice gift.

Check out this Macbook cover.  Pretty sweet huh!  I love the cool green and that it's a hard cover.  Wouldn't it look cute with this keypad cover?

I read about this GymBoss and think it would be perfect for my classes I teach at my gym.  It keeps track of intervals for you.  Hey, it would save me from squinting at the clock across the room and having to wait for the second hand to get to the 6 or 12 before moving onto the next exercise!

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